21 Inexpensive Teacher Gift Ideas

Custom Teacher Tote Bag

Do you need to get a gift to appreciate that wonderful teacher, but you are short on cash? The good news is that there are several affordable gifts that will not hurt your pocket. 


We have done the work of bringing you 21 of such gifts and where to get them. These gifts range from personalized gifts, to classroom gifts and memorable ones. We have got your back here. All you need is to relax and make a choice.

1. Custom Teacher Tote Bag

Custom Teacher Tote Bag

We all know that teachers have a lot of teaching materials to move around with. Why not assist a teacher today with this adorable teacher tote?!

It's a thoughtful and less-risky gift for teachers that's also useful when they have to buy items at the supermarket. They will remember you every day as it is a gift that will become part of their daily routine and it doesn’t hurt your pocket.

ENSIANTH Teacher Gift Teache Love Inspire Bracelet Cuff Bracelet Appreciation Gift

Because it is simple and classic, this bracelet is an excellent choice for teachers and more specifically, female teachers. The body is stainless steel and it is available in two colors: rose gold and silver. The phrases "teach," "inspire," and "love" are dear to the heart of teachers.

This bracelet is not costly and carries a strong message that will always be relevant to a teacher.

Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer

Help that teacher keep their desk well-arranged and beautiful. A disorganized desk can lead to lost information, misplaced documents, and clutter. A clean desk will help that teacher locate their work items easily.

Keeping an organized desk saves the teacher’s time, fosters the creative mind, and decreases stress. What's not to love about that?

The teacher will always remember the gift that helps them have enough space on the desk, helps their messy desk look well-arranged, as this will raise their pleasant mood every day.

Weekly Planner Notepad

For a teacher, there is a lot to do every day. With so much knowledge to pass to the students, it is easy to forget other plans in your personal life.

Getting a weekly planner pad for that teacher will be quite a thoughtful gift. It will show that you care about other aspects of the teacher’s life other than their profession. It will help the teacher with their to-do-list, shopping plans, and other activities. .

Mud Pie Influence of a Teacher Pencil Case Pouch

This cute and small pencil case pouch is the perfect way for that teacher to carry all their essential items.

This pouch measures 6.5″x9″ and it goes well with other little items as that inexpensive gift you have been searching for. It is stylish, different and a great gift for almost all occasions. From teacher appreciation day to birthdays. The pencil pouch will help the teacher to keep an important item of their work safe. .

Knock Knock Why You're the Best Teacher Ever Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

Gifts of thoughts and expression are dear to the heart. You can give that teacher a gift they will keep forever, by buying this small journal and letting your child fill in the blank pages about their favorite teacher.

It’s an inexpensive gift that will probably be held on to than some more expensive gifts. The word will warm the teacher’s hearts and help them realize that they do an awesome job.

Customized Teacher Appreciation Coaster

Do you have a teacher that loves art and has kids? Or is your child’s teacher very much into art and loves creative stuff? Then these teaching supply coasters will be a lovely gift for them. Pre-schoolers and teachers in kindergarten will enjoy this the most as it’s so much fun.

Your teacher will love this fun gift so much and get to use it with the students. .

Teacher Life A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book Paperback

For teachers with a sarcastic side, get them this fun this fun coloring book is a great gift for teachers that enjoy sarcasm. In each page, there is a crafty teacher-based illustrated quote.

There are several quotes, one of such says, “I hate when I lose things at school; like pens and self-motivation”. There are also some extra-snarky illustrations in there that can get the teacher to have a good laugh. .

Teacher Tree of Life Pendant Necklace with Thank You Greeting Card

There are teachers, and there are special teachers. This tree of life necklace is a gift for the special teachers in your child’s life.

The tree of life necklace is made of pewter and it carries a symbol that characterizes teachers – strength, resilience and wisdom. This gift is a perfect description for spend less, get more value. If you want a gift that will be kept with the teacher for a long time, then this is perfect. .

Ursteel Teacher Keychain with Initials

Thinking of a cute little gift for that special teacher in your life or that of your child? This keychain is the way to go. Keychains are never too many for anyone as they always come in handy.

Get this sweet-looking pencil keychain for that awesome teacher, with his/her initial hanging cute on the side. Their car keys, home keys and classroom keys will hang sweetly on it, while it can be easily returned to them when lost due to their initials. .

Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle

A great smell helps the body and mind. Get that teacher a scented candle and let them enjoy their space filled with a great smell.

The exotic fragrance of the Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle is an awesome gift for a teacher. The gift is not costly and helps them relax after a stressed-filled day. They get to function better at work after such relaxation. .

Teachers' Gift Pen with Engraved Inspirational Quote

The meaningful quotes on these gift pens celebrates the influence that teachers have on students and the world. These quotes are the perfect way to remind your child’s teacher they are doing well.

You can give this luxury gift pen as a gift to that favorite teacher whether it’s their birthday or it’s Christmas, teachers' appreciation day and close and resumption of school. .

Customized Teacher’s Coffee Mug

After talking for long hours, a teacher is bound to get thirsty. That teacher deserves to drink from a customized cup that reminds them of how awesome they are.

Each cup comes with an inspirational quote, reminding the teacher that they are respected and loved. This gift is safe and fits all kinds of people. Almost everyone drinks coffee, right? .

Amazon gift card in an envelope

If there is one gift idea that never goes wrong, it is a gift card. A gift card gives the freedom of choice to the teacher and they can buy what they want within the budget.

After teaching and passing useful knowledge to the child for a session. That awesome teacher deserves to get a gift card to buy an item of their choice. .

Necklace with Thank You Card

A necklace is a nice and cute gift for that female teacher that you appreciate. To make it better, it comes with a little thank you card.

If that teacher is a fashion-conscious one, this necklace is the perfect gift for them. It is affordable and beautiful. A combination that is good for your purse and will be well appreciated. .

Cute Teachers Coffee Mug

Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee in the morning. But it can get better with a cute coffee mug with teacher’s quotes.

These quotes will make the teacher look forward to drinking coffee in the morning. It will be an affordable, yet thoughtful gift. Quotes reminding them of the excellence and pride that comes with their work is bound to make them smile, especially after a cup of coffee. .

SassyCups Funny Teacher Tumbler

If that teacher is one-of-a-kind, they deserve a one-of-a-kind gift. The funny teacher tumbler is unique and special people deserve this gift.

Search no more as you hunt for a gift for that teacher. This travel mug is the perfect teacher gift. It has a 22 oz capacity and is insulated. It is made from stainless steel and has a double wall, designed to keep beverages hot or cold. You can get it in either mint-green or pink.

Vintage Metal Feather Bookmark Birthday Gifts for Teachers

Looking for an ideal gift for a teacher? The metal feather bookmark is more than ideal.

This bookmark comes with a gift box packaging and will be well-appreciated by kindergarten teachers, readers, librarians, and women teachers. These bookmarks are akin to genuine goose feathers. There is a good feeling with holding on to one, as it brings to mind a medieval quill.

Personalized Teacher Door Hanger Set

This teacher door hanger set is a warm gift for your child’s teacher. It is personalized and an interesting teacher door sign. It has beautiful and exquisite design and details.

This is a safe gift to buy, as it is easily liked by most people. The best time to give that teacher this gift is at the resumption, as it will help them build an awesome classroom and establish a fun-filled atmosphere.

Washable Liquid Glitter Glue

Personal gifts are not always the answer in all cases. There are teachers that need some classroom supplies. One of such classroom supplies is the liquid glitter glue.

It is great for art time, slime making, crafts, school projects and so much more. It is available in 6-ounce bottles of Pink, Red, Purple, and Blue glitter glue. Get that teacher a gift that will help them bond further with the students.

Teacher’s casual crew socks

Who doesn’t like fashionista socks? This sock is made of 52% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 21% Nylon and 2% Spandex.

It is the perfect gift for that teacher that has an eye for artistic excellence and creativity. It appeals to everyone, from fashionistas to art aficianados. It is inexpensive and it is of premium quality. The gift is classy, exotic, and personal. Getting it in different colors will be even better.